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The Doors Film Cameos

The Doors

Spring 1990
Various Locations
Los Angeles, California

Oliver Stone
35mm Color Film
Audio: Yes
Length: 2:14:57
Recordings: VID

Oliver Stone's 1991 film The Doors takes some liberties with the truth, but in the midst of it some people connected to the real life Doors make brief cameos in bit parts and as extras. Some you may have heard about and others you may be surprised to discover.

The first person we hear speak in The Doors (following Jim's "The movie will begin..." introduction) is none other than Doors drummer John Densmore who portrays the studio engineer recording Jim's birthday poetry session at Village Recorders. In real life, the engineer/producer of that session was John Haeny, but in the film, Densmore is simply credited as "Engineer" — although Kilmer calls him "Jack" at one point. We get a clear shot of Densmore in the studio much later in the film.

The next familiar face can be spotted in the crowd at the London Fog screaming his head off. It's none other than longtime Doors producer Paul Rothchild who first saw The Doors at the Whisky à Go Go, but never at the London Fog. He pops up again a little while later telling the band they could get rich if they listen to his boss, a smarmy record producer.

Between sets at the Fog, while The Doors are confronted by the aforementioned smarmy record producer, two Robby Kriegers suddenly appear on screen. One is played by actor Frank Whaley and the other is the genuine article. Robby can be seen quickly walking past. Blink and you'll miss him.

The next '60s icon to make an appearance is Eric Burdon of The Animals who tells Ray (Kyle MacLachlan) that they can smell the joint he's smoking all the way upstairs.

Both Paul Rothchild and Eric Burdon appear again in a crowd of people watching Jim as he jumps on top of a car, proclaiming himself The Lizard King. Oliver Stone also makes a brief appearance as Jim's film school instructor at UCLA. While the film depicts Jim quitting UCLA, he in fact graduated.

We next see promoter Bill Graham playing the venue owner of the New Haven Arena, telling the audience to clear the aisles before the start of the show. In reality, Graham was the owner of the Fillmore Auditorium, Fillmore West, Fillmore East, and Winterland.

During the press conference scene in the film, we can see former Doors assistant press agent Chris Boyle playing one of the New York journalists interviewing the band. He asks, "Where do you see The Doors five years from now?" Interestingly, Boyle first met The Doors when he interviewed them before their concert in Tulsa, OK on October 8, 1967. Boyle is also the same person who sold a pair of Jim Morrison's brown leather pants to the Hard Rock Cafe in 1995. During an interview, Val Kilmer recounted meeting someone during filming (likely Boyle) who offered to let him try on a pair of Jim's leather pants. Kilmer declined, recalling that they didn't look very clean and smelled like mothballs.

The last cameo in the film is music journalist Patricia Kennealy who plays the priestess that performs the hand-fasting ceremony between Jim and the faux-Patricia played by Kathleen Quinlan.

If I've missed any cameos, or you think you've seen one that no one's identified, please let me know about it so that I can update this page.

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The Doors Film Cameos

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