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The Doors Home Movie Footage

Jim & Pam Home Movies

Spring 1971
Various Dates
Various Locations

8mm Color Film
Audio: No
Recordings: N/A

While in France and visiting other locations in Europe, Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson film several home movies using Jim's Braun Nizo S56 Super 8mm camera.

These films almost certainly include the last known footage shot of Jim Morrison before his death. At least some of the footage, if not all of it, remains in private hands. The maximum length of film per reel would only be about three minutes.

Author Patricia Butler describes one of the home movies in her book, Angels Dance And Angels Die:

"The scene cuts to Pamela, slowly walking between an aisle of gravestones. Her head is bowed, and her long red hair shields her face from view for a moment, before she slowly looks up to stare pensively into the camera. A moment later, an extreme close-up of her face, again slightly out of focus, shows Pamela pouting in the direction of Jim, who is operating the camera. It is easy to make out the words she speaks as she tells him, 'I don't want to move.' So the camera pans away from the unccoperative subject, who changes her mind suddenly and runs back into the camera's range, reclaiming the scene by dancing wildly among the gravestones, her hair flashing about her like a flaming banner. All at once, Pamela disappears behind a mausoleum, but Jim anticipates her moves, and the camera catches her reappearance, running from behind the marble monument and continuing her wild dance."

Pictured above is a photograph of Jim watching on as Pam films a vendor's stand during a fête in Saint-Leu-d'Esserent in Northern France on June 28, 1971. Next to it is an image of one of Jim and Pam's actual 8mm home movie reels. The box has been labeled "Cemetery in Corsica" by Randy Ralston (one of Pam's later boyfriends) and is quite likely the same footage described in the excerpt above.

Below are stills from the actual "Cemetery in Corsica" film, believed to have been shot by Jim Morrison and to date from the spring of 1971.

Jim Morrison himself does not appear in the 2:37 long film.

Anyone with additional information on Jim and Pam's home movie footage is encouraged to contact me.

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The Doors Home Movie Footage

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