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November 1, 1968 (Friday)
Milwaukee Arena
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Doors perform at the Milwaukee Arena in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In his concert review in Kaleidoscope, Rich Mangelsdorff writes: "The Doors pretty well lived up to expectations at the Arena, Friday night the 1st. Morrison's voice cut through (this is probably the only band that doesn't at least try to overpower its singer) and his theatrical sense enhanced it. Of course he fell off the stage at the conclusion of 'The End,' but it fit better than plenty of other presentations less pretentious or heavy."

Ray Manzarek's gold piano bass, which broke down the night before and could not be used, has been temporarily fixed and he plays it for the next three nights. But by the time the band plays Phoenix on Nov. 7, 1968, the gold piano bass has been replaced by a silver model which he continues to use through 1969 and early 1970 before returning to a gold top model on May 1, 1970. Visit the Equipment List for more information.
SHOW TIME:      8:30PM
ALSO PERFORMING:      Midwest Hydraulic Company
PROMOTION:      Triangle Theatrical Productions, Inc.

When The Music's Over
Light My Fire
The End


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Courtesy: Kris Bowers

The Doors Performance Database

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